The Game is Out!

We are happy to announce that we have succesfully finished Lightguard’s Legacy! And here there is the result:

Puzle 2 planeta 1 Master  Corruption Combate Runner 2Final

We also made an awesome Trailer and you can play the game totally free:



Also check our facebook page!


 Vertical Slice

Hi everyone!

DragonFlow Studio is proud to announce that in a month will upload a demo available for you!

Keep an eye on us!

 Gameplay Development

Check out our progress on YouTube!

Walking on!

Space Tour!



GodMode OverView

 First steps

DragonFlow Studio continues in it’s quest to develop Lightguard’s Legacy and has made steady progress on it. Here there are some images of the ongoing development:

Lost light 1Lost light 3

The first two images correspond to the first world that Big P. will visit throught his journey. As you can see in the right picture we have started developing the combat, in which the player will be able to combine the power of the lightgem to unleash powerful attacks as well as use his staff.

Lost light 2

In this last image you can see the navigation between worlds. You will just have to jump pointing at the direction where you want to go, and if you are successful you will reach the planet you’re aiming for. If you enter the orbit of a planet it’s also possible to stay rotating around it and jump again to another planet, making for a faster way of traveling. In order to do that you will have to enter the orbit with the right angle.

We’ll keep you updated!

Beginning of the journey

We are proud to introduce the game that we are currently working on, Lightguard’s Legacy, a 2.5D platformer with planetoids that takes place in a far away universe.

Our main character is Big Pappada, a frog that has to rescue his apprentice from a strange darkness that threatens his universe. In his journey he will have to navigate through multiple planets in order to find answers and clues on where to find his apprentice. Big Pappada will have to use the power of light to defeat the darkspawns that are appearing in his universe. No need to say that our hero won’t be alone in his quest against the dark. Along the way he will find new friends and allies that will support him and help him on to find the lost apprentice and reveal the truth about the darkness.

If you want to hear more about it make sure to follow us on this fantastic journey!

Share and comment, we’d love to hear your opinion!



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